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OMTA State Achievement Auditions


Give students the opportunity to play for an adjudicator and receive a rating and an award.


Perform the same memorized piece as was played at the District Audition, unless the student is in the Merit Division. Merit Division students play the Merit piece listed on their District Audition entry form.


Students must be in 3rd grade or higher, receive a I+ or I rating at District, and take the theory test at District. A Merit piece must be listed on their District Audition entry form, as well as their District piece. Students who qualify must play their Merit piece at the State Audition; no repertoire changes are allowed.


An additional award is given to Merit students who receive a I+, I, or I- rating at State.


Audition Date: May 19-20, 2023
Location: University of Oklahoma

Entry Deadline: 

- February 4, 2023 (in-person District & State)

- February 8, 2023 (virtual District and State)

Repertoire/Schedule Changes:

Chair: Jennifer Jennings


$30 per student

*Must be paid online when the entry forms are submitted for District.



A plaque will be awarded to students in 12th grade who have participated in the State Achievement Audition for four consecutive years (9th-12th grade). Teachers are responsible for giving the names of eligible students to the State Audition Coordinator by the State Audition postmark deadline. Please inform the Coordinator if you were not the student's teacher all four years.


Presented to students after performing a piece from each of the stylistic eras: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic or Contemporary. Pieces may be played in any order and do not need to be played in consecutive years.

State critique sheets from the first three years must show a rating of I- or higher. In the fourth year, within seven (7) days after the District audition, the teacher must send the four critique sheets to the OMTA Vice President for Auditions and Competitions.

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